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Wedding photograph

      Nowadays, tour and wedding photographing are closely tied, and it has became a fashion to take wedding photos in scenic spots. Ice and snow theme are so popular in Ice-City Ha’erbin’s wedding photographing, because the theme shows pure, holy and beauty which attracts more couples to follow. In spite icy, freezing and difficult shooting condition, it is still worth to fall in love in such beautiful ice and snow scene. Consequently, lots of couples would like to take wedding photos like this. Now, ice-snow theme’s wedding photographing can be taken at any time in Ice Sculpture Garden of Caozhuang Flower Botanical Garden tourist area.

  Ice Sculpture Garden which use Ha’erbin competitive ice sculpture and children’s fairy tale world as its theme, not only shows Ha’erbin ice sculpture’s unique enchantment to tourists, but also installed with ice slide and ace skid way. Tourists can fully enjoy themselves with ice and snow! Ice Sculpture Garden located inside Caozhuang Flower scenic spot, which skillfully combined together with Tianjin Tropical Plants Garden. Thus, it could say “there are four seasons in square inch, and you can feel cold and warm between us disappear”.
      Palm forest, waterfall and ice castle, the view of Tropical Plants Garden itself is a dream filled place. The scene fulfilled with lyrical and idyllic, which is most suitable to express love between couples with cameras. You can feel the breeze of the palm forest, full heart enjoy in the spray from the water fall, and also can hide into the love symbol - the ice castle, waiting for your Mr. Right quietly.

Film and television shooting

       As the largest indoor Tropical Plants Garden of China northern area, with its unique tropical rainforest climate, it has almost 10 thousands of different kinds of tropical plants from home and abroad. There are tropical rainforest area, desert plant area, science education area and flower and plant area etc. Almost 20 view points in the Garden. Not only attracts a large amounts of tourists both from domestic and abroad, but also has became the base of outdoor photography. Many outdoor scene of movies and TV series have been finished shooting from here, such as “Yangguang’s Happy Life”, “Face-Off”, “Top-Secret Escort”.
“Yangguang’s Happy Life”, “Top-Secret Escort”, “Death Island” were all shot from here.