About Us

Caozhuang flower botanical garden tourism area is located in Beizhen Xiqing District of Tianjin City, the "national environmental elegant town", "100 years of Linghai", "a town" - the town of 90s began in the last century built investment. Flower Town has 200 years of history, because in the south canal, geological fertile, from the late Qing Dynasty has rich "a" and "Bawangbian" and "Chrysanthemum" and all kinds of flowers, known as the "Flower Town", based on the deep historical accumulation, Caozhuang flower market came into being.

Caozhuang flower market was established in 1995, it has been nearly 20 years; Tianjin Tropical Botanical Garden opened in June 2003, and complement the Caozhuang flower market, after 14 years of wind and rain, gradually become a multifunctional comprehensive scenic spot shopping, sightseeing, tourism and leisure as one of the.